Laminate is a better flooring choice than ever

Laminate flooring first came into existence in the 1920s in Sweden and then a little later in America. The lamination process was an affordable way to create wood-look flooring that was reliable, strong, and easy to maintain. Since then, things have only gotten better, making this product an outstanding choice for many various rooms in your home, so read along for more information.

Take the time to get to know laminate

Over the years, laminate has been dramatically improved, adding features that homeowners are happy to have access to. For instance, what started as only a wood-look flooring now provides the appearance of stunning stone, with a wide variety of color and texture options to fit any need. Format and structure changed as well, with various formats that include both narrow and wide planks.

Another valuable addition was surface texture and protection, making scratches, scuffs, and dings far less noticeable. This addition made the floors a perfect floor covering for families with pets and children, primarily when runners and area rugs are utilized for added protection. This feature continues to get better as newer technologies and manufacturing techniques are employed to create the material.

Finally, much to the delight of eco-friendly customers, this product became more sustainable and environmentally friendly, especially about manufacturing processes. This is another process that only improves as time goes on, catering to the environment and those that wish to protect it. If this is a concern of yours, be sure to contact us for more information.

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