Have you considered luxury vinyl plank flooring?

One of the best options in luxury vinyl flooring right now is the ever-trendy vinyl plank format. It offers superb visuals, outstanding durability, and a lifespan you will genuinely appreciate over time. Offering more than 20 years when properly maintained, you will find these materials have benefits that nearly every homeowner can take advantage of in almost any room, so read on to find out more.

What you can expect from vinyl plank flooring

Some homeowners believe that vinyl plank flooring only offers the appearance of solid hardwood. Still, it provides the stone look, mimicking some of the most sought-after natural options such as granite, marble, and travertine. These visuals allow you to create a beautiful décor match in any room, from top to bottom. Furthermore, with very little maintenance required, you can expect this visual to remain for years, giving you just as much pleasure as the real thing, with much less work.

The plank format is part of the reason these floors offer a quick and easy installation, with some options in loose-lay vinyl and floating format. They install over various subfloors and existing floors, with little preparation required before the installation begins. Of course, if you live in excessively humid areas or where humidity is an issue, you may have to allow the materials to go through an acclimation phase, but your associate will let you know.

To keep these floors clean, be sure to have a broom and damp mop ready as necessary. You can also use area rugs and runners to avoid debris contacting the surface of the floor. If you have questions about cleaning or maintenance, be sure to let us know.

Choose your vinyl flooring options today

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